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Founded in 1960, our company is an editorial and literary agency focusing primarily on economic and legal textbooks as well as other subjects.

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Diritto allo Sport

Attualità del DIRITTO D'AUTORE

Are copyright rules still effective with new technologies?
What reforms are needed?”

Design, università, imprese, territorio Progetti luav per il Veneto

”University and territory, an opportunity to be exploited”

Make a difference

We working to ensure better outcomes for children in orphanages and shelters across the world.

Well-designed plans and supports

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Growth and development

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Transition and growing independence

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“One person can make all the difference for a child across the globe…Children International is living proof that, although helping just one person can seem like a drop in the ocean, that drop can be a person’s whole world. One by one…we will change the world for the better.”

Pierre Omidyar – Sponsor since 2012

Get Involved

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Help a seriously ill child

Your $3 donation will provide a lifeline of support to a child, like Jack, who has a life threatening illness and his family when they need it most.

Support a family in need

No parent expects to outlive their child but for some families it’s a reality. $5 will help a family facing one of the toughest times imaginable.

Become a sponsor

Our Family Support Workers care for families at a time of great need. $10 will help families get the support they so desperately need.

Create Hope

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